The Upcycled Magazine Bowl: Green Home

If The Budget Ecoist were The Millionaire Ecoist, we would still go broke on indie design site, Etsy. Not because Etsy is home to expensive products, but because every single thing we stumble upon is freaking awesome. Take this upcycled magazine bowl from The Sugar Fix, par example.

The hip lady behind this eco-friendly bowl took the pages of Vogue magazine, rolled them tightly and created a fashionable home accessory. This flexible bowl – or flexi-bowl since we’re into making up words today, lies flat upon arrival ready for the job at hand. The bowl is three inches across but can be adjusted to the depth you want. Keep it shallow to hold your pocket change. Or go deeper to display a cluster of grapes! You can mold and shape this container to whatever size you want, although it is not waterproof, (being made of paper and all) so don’t try to drink your morning Joe from this cup. And it’s only – wait for it – $10; making it significantly less expensive than anything you would actually see within the pages of Vogue.

TheSugarFix gang are also going to bust out pouches for the purse and broaches for the lapel, so stay tuned to this Etsy site and get all of your inexpensive upcycled goods right here.

Perhaps you’re wondering what, exactly, is upcycling? While not yet making an appearance in your Webster’s, the Urban Dictionary states upcycling is the act of, “using ordinary objects to make something extraordinary.” Indeed, this magazine bowl fits the bill. Buy it now and start throwing out your newfound edgy and arty knowledge to anyone who will listen.

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