The Spin Dryer: Green Home

If you’re like us and that hour-long dryer cycle makes you feel like a prisoner in your own home (and an energy irresponsible inmate), we’ve found another option – and it isn’t the clothesline. The Laundry Alternative recently introduced the Spin Dryer, a compact machine that does its job between the washing and drying, and still cuts time out of your laundry day.

Most washing machines don’t squeegee out much water at the end of the cycle, so the dryers are left chugging away trying to dry out clothing that is completely soaked through. Consequently, the average household spends 6-10% of its energy bill on the clothes dryer – alone. The Spin Dryer is the middleman that runs for an efficient three minutes on a rapid cycle removing the excess water that hides in the folds of your jeans. So when you toss your stuff in the dryer, instead of 60 time- and energy-sucking minutes, it can dry everything in about five. And secondly, (and what convinced us of the usefulness of this modern marvel) it removes those chemicals and detergents that had previously been getting baked into your undies. Umm, gross.

You may be asking, “Budget Ecoist, do I really need an extra appliance in my home?” Well, if you’re living in seriously small square footage, you should just invest in a strong outdoor rope and pray for sunshine and wind. But if you’ve got an extra 13.7″ x 13.7″ x 24″ in your laundry or living room, this little guy will save you $100 a year in energy costs. And since it lasts for 10,000 loads you’ll be able to reap those savings for many years to come. The Spin Dryer retails for $134.95 and plugs into your average wall outlet. Of course like all things designed to help your, my and our environment – it can be run on solar or other alternative energy sources where available.

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