The Site Formerly Known As Sk*rt

I love the site sk*rt, which has been described as “digg for chicks”,  but was really something much more. It was a social news site who promoted posts and articles of interest to women. So while my diatribe about the evils of Crocs would never get digged, it would get sk*rt.

So, this post was to be all about sk*rt and how it was a great place to discover new, women centered blogs…but it’s not. The reason? The site is being forced to change its name because it’s too close to an existent publication (note: existent publication, whom I love as well, probably would have been smarter to just buy them out or partner-up with them).

However, the three amazingly plucky women behind the site formerly known as sk*rt, are moving forward and asking us, their friends, to help them select a new name.

So take a moment out of your busy day and vote right now.

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