The Rise of the Office Short Suit

What: The short suit is back and Working Girls everywhere can now rejoice.

What NYTimes says: With sharp tailoring and feminine flourishes, as in Jason Wu’s plaid version, the style can be a confident and fetching choice for parties.


What we say: We haven’t thought out the short suit, since the 80’s movie “Working Girl” popped up in our Netflix queue. Short Suits remind me of the time I wore a navy blue tweed short suit (with nylons.. WTF?) to my first day at an east coast boarding school summer session (remember I am from Minnesota). Questionable teen fashions aside, I love that designers like Jason Wu, Bottega Veneta and Araks are creating updated versions of the “office suit shorts”- sans the panythose.

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  1. Bri says

    Love the office short suit, I have plans to make my own for the summer and these ones are great inspiration!

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