The Return of Doc Martens: Yea or Nay?


Question of the week- Doc Martens: Yea or Nay?

The year was 1992 and I used the bonus money I earned from selling the most stirrup pants at my part time job at Lerner’s New York at the Mall of America (even then I knew stirrup pants were just wrong) to purchase a pair of black Doc Marten Lace Up Combat Boots at the newly opened MOA Nordstrom. I proceed to wear those shoes (and a series of flannel plaid shirts purchased from Sears) for my entire junior year of high school. I even tried to wear them to church (combat boots rarely works with church lady hats)

Fast forward 18 years and the trend is back, with everyone from Rihanna to Christina Aguilera to Sarah Jessica Parker rocking the classic boots. Back in the day, I rocked Doc Martens with plaid shirts, ripped Gibraud jeans and a wave noveau (aka “dry jheri curl”). Now the look for Spring 2010 is all about what I like to call Tailored Grunge – which is the combat boots add an unexpected element to an otherwise conservative outfit. So those of us who remember watching Nivrana on MTV Unplugged can wear the boots.

Here’s Some Ways to Wear Your Doc Martens

  • The Rihanna – Black T-shirt Style Dress+ Black Tights+ Doc Martens
  • The Christina Aguilera – White collar shirt + Short corduroy Mini skirt+ Basic tights+ Doc Martens
  • The Courtney Love – Floral Printed Dress + Doc Martens (with a dash of crazy)
  • The SJP – Boyfriend jacket+ T-shirt+Skinny Jeans+Doc Martens
  • The Kathryn (Finney) – Sweater Coat+ Black Knit Sheath Dress+Patterned Tights+ Doc Martens
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    1. Alice says

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    2. Cindy says

      Well, i think every woman should have at least one pair of this boots in her shoe collection!!!
      by the way love your blog ^_^.

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