The Power of Cute Under $30

The Deal: Amazing accessories at with free shipping on orders $75 and over

The Lowdown: Life is serious enough, so fashion is supposed to be fun right? What’s not fun is attempting to update your current look while keeping your checking account out of the red. So you have, say, less than a hundred bucks to spend and you need a serious fashion upgrade (and, after running the numbers, some cheering up couldn’t hurt either). Enter Modcloth — which has now become our standard go-to for reasonable prices AND seriously cheeky pieces. Cheeky is good. We’ve said it a million times — the quickest and least expensive way to update is accessories, accessories, accessories — and all these we’ve selected are between 12 and 30 bucks apiece — with free shipping on orders $75 and up. And seriously, if we had enough space here we could have easily picked, oh, 20 or 30 more things we love. The most painful thing about shopping Modcloth is having to make the hard choices.


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Our Picks:

Modcloth Accessories

1. Little Bow Wow Ring, $11.99
2. The Tribute Sunglasses, $11.99
3. Buon Giorno Scarf in Brugine, $11.99

Cute Accessories

4. Judy Bloom Necklace, $14.99
5. Oh Pear Bracelet, $14.99
6. Tights For Every Occasion in Art Opening, $14.99

Modcloth Accessories

7. Arcanthus Belt in Obsidian, $15.99
8. Refined Rocker Bangle, $15.99
9. All Eyes on Me Scarf, $16.99

Modcloth Accessories

10. Gilded Goldfinch Necklace, $17.99
11. Wild Weather Hand Warmer, $24.99
12. Who Sent Flowers? Ring, $22.99

Cute Umbrella

13. Raindrops on Railways Umbrella, $29.99

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  1. Liz says

    Hi! there is some really cute stuff at this store!! How does the free shipping work? Its not automatically deducting the shipping.. thanks!

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