The Platypus Hydration System: Go Green

So we try to live with the fact that plastic water bottles should no longer be a part of our life. But carrying around a non-disposable bottle all day can add bulk to your load, making smooth getaways a little clunky. Solution – the water bottle with the cute name – Platypus – becomes a tiny bump in your bag once you’ve finished your beverage of choice (it can hold boiling and freezing liquids, so go crazy!) and rolled it up.

The Platypus Hydration system was created by a group of outdoorsy folks who were looking for a way to tote water around while hiking and kayaking. Their sometimes big, but always lightweight solutions include water tanks with nylon handles and a hands-free hoser so you can throw the container in your backpack and just suck the good stuff out of a tube. But for those of us urban warrior types there is the messenger bag sized Platy in .5, 1 and 2 liters.

The Platypus bags are all BPA-free, natch. And they go the extra mile by including “SlimeGuard™”  in the bottles. You’ll appreciate this anti-microbial treatment on the hundredth use when your water still tastes fresh and clean. You may think a collapsible bottle is difficult to fill when it’s empty, but the Platy bottom is gusseted, which keeps it upright as you refill.

There are lots of other Platypus add-ons if you become a big fan of the bottles. You can purify your water on the go with the Cleanstream gravity filtration system, or buy a sassy clip to attach that water to your person. But the best part about this environmentally friendly water bottle? Five bucks.

You heard us…five bucks.

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