Fashion Advice: What is The Perfect Ten

Recently, a reader sent me an email asking me to define the term “perfect ten”. Yes, a perfect ten can refer to someone who has superior physical beauty (remember that old Dudley Moore movie “10”), but it also refers to a body that has a 10-1-10 ratio between the bust, waist, and hips. In this ratio, the bust and hips are approximately the same size and both are ten inches larger than the waist. This supposed to be the “ideal” body ratio and indicates a proportionate body. The cool thing about it that the ratio is not determined by clothing size. So, whether you’re a 44-34-44 or 34-24-34, you are a perfect ten.

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  1. debbie washington says

    what about home sewing? you can make simple items with nicer fabric than can be purchased ready-made. also be more creative with color etc.

  2. Queen MAB says

    10 is 9 inches larger/more than one, but we’re not talking subtraction, we’re talking RATIO, which is multiplicative.  10 is 10 times as many as 1.  And while we’re at it, let’s stop talking about “perfect 10s” altogether.  As if women don’t struggle enough with weight and self-image, now we are expected to strive for a perfect body ratio?!  Please!

  3. says

    It’s not anyone’s fault but a person’s own if they are not their ideal image. Weight is controlled by the individual… and you don’t have to just diet or like.. keep exercising to be slim and healthy.. they are a part of a natural balance of things you do in life.. you eat healthy you exercise you play around or get out of the house.. you splurge on certain foods sometimes… you do all of that to be healthy.. because happy is healthy and happy is not perfect.. but you can be a perfect 10 shape and be healthy!

  4. Sophie says

    Ratios…then wouldn’t a perfect ten be someone who had measurements 30:3:30 then? Since we’re talking multiplicatons? Lol.

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