The Ombre Handbag: High Vs. Low

Ombre patent handbags are going to be hot for fall—and while we’re kind of coveting the look we’re also trying to show some self-restraint, reminding ourselves that ombre will be soooo dated before you can say “fancy French word for dip-dyed.” Still, it’s actually pretty easy to indulge in this particular short-term trend on a budget without having the piece look cheap. Testing that theory, we’re pitting a high-priced bag against an affordable version, for your consideration. So which is which?

On the left, the high-priced piece, an Elliot Lucca Portia Pocket Shopper, $398, at Hobby Fob; on the right, the budget version, a Worthington Patent Dome Satchel, $29.99 on sale at JCPenney

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  1. kosmic says

    I have the bag on the right. Bought the smaller version too – last fall actually – just because they are SO FABULOUS – didn’t realize ombre was having another 15 minutes – just always have dug it no matter what…. SUCH a great bag…. :)

  2. Raynne413 says

    OMG I LOVE you guys for this post.  I was SO tempted by the $80 ombre bag at Victoria’s Secret but just couldn’t spend the money.  I’m SO glad I waited.

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