The Metallic Prom Dress: High Vs. Low

As the prom dress frenzy continues to build, we’re noticing that silver pleated gowns are turning up all over—and if we were going to prom, we’re thinking being decked out in a glimmering Grecian-style dress might have us feeling sufficiently glamorous. To test your shopping metal, er, mettle—a challenge: we’ve picked two options, one that costs enough that extras (like shoes and a handbag) will be out of the question, while the other is budget enough to leave you some bucks to treat yourself to a trip to the manicurist, too. So which is which?

On the left: The high-priced option, a Jovani gown, $450, at On the right: our budget pick, an XOXO dress, on sale for $88.50, at Macy’s.

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