The Look: The Picture Wall

I love the strong clean lines of pictures on a wall in uniform frames, but a look like this can get expensive, with matted frames running for $20 or more. Fortunately, you’re in luck, Walmart sells picture frames with mattes for 2 for $5, just keep an eye out near the frame section. Make sure the frames you get are uniform in color, or gather a conglomeration of frames and paint them all the same color (I recommend black or gold).

Mixing circle frames with square can add geometrical interest, but commit to consistency—use all metal frames or all wood.  They should all have mattes, or none should have them. Also, have consistency in the pictures you choose—either all be matte or gloss, not both. Make them all black and white for drama, or group ones that have similar colors in them. Themes work well here too. Make them all your children at play or all landscapes, or, if all your pictures feature your thumb,  put cut outs of your favorite paper inside the frames for true wall art.


How To: First sketch a map of the picture grouping. Then lay wax paper on the floor near the chosen wall. Lay the pictures in their order and trace around them. Tape the wax paper on the wall and with a laser level (or a lot of measuring) mark where the pictures should go. This is not a project you want to eyeball, if one picture is off, they all look off. Then hang. Or if you are lazy and NOT on a budget you can buy a kit from the Picture Wall Company, which start at $349. The rest of us can just visit the site for ideas.


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