The Look: Plates

salad plates west elm

Both cheap and chic, plates are a wonderful way to spice up a room. What? Plates are for grandmas, you say? Think again. Just because my Asian inspired plates scream vintage, doesn’t mean yours have to.

Goodwill and the Salvation Army often fabulous unique plates that cost less than a can of Coke (my plates cost me 50 cents each at the Salvation Army). Look for unique patterns and vivid colors and make sure the plates aren’t chipped or cracked.

Plates can say anything you want, from vintage to mod—just like these plates (below) from West Elm, which are only $26.00 for a set of four. Can’t afford the dishware you desperately want? Buy just one plate and hang it on your wall. It will give you the look without breaking you budget.

The best part? Hanging them is easy. You can find the hardware for under $10 at most hardware stores and Walmart. Mix match and rotate for the holidays. But if you hang Norman Rockwell plates, don’t use my name, okay?


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