The Look: Gold


The look for your home this season is gold. Gold is warm and inviting and exudes luxury, but you don’t have to be Midas to achieve that lustrous look, really, all you need is a well-ventilated room, newspaper, a can of spray paint and an imagination. Here are budget-friendly ways to get the look:

1. Paint. Umm, don’t spray paint dishes, but do paint old picture frames or cheap new ones from Walmart, like these Eco Bamboo Photo Frames for $9.98. Gather pine cones off the ground, clean them up, then give them a coat of gold and place them in a clear glass bowl. Paint the old frame around your mirror gold.

2. Candles. These Gold Mosaic Candle Holders from World Market (above) are beautiful gold accents and they range from $7.89-$19.99.Check out your local dollar store for colorful candles on a budget. My local Dollar General has gold candles for $1 each.

3. DIY Floral. Get one of those plain jane glass vases you have lying around and fill it with gold painted floral stems (I call them gold twirly sticks: see above) or gold feathers that can be found at from your local craft store for under $.50 each. Or paint your own.

4. Bowl it. Clear glass bowls are good for so many things. I got mine at Walmart for $5 on clearance and I love to fill it with ornaments for Christmas or Peonies in the spring. Fill a bowl or compote dish with gold-shimmered fruit from the Michaels Holiday Elegance Fruit collection or simple gold ornament balls (can be found at Walmart for $2.98 for a set of 18, not available online).

5. Go crazy. CPR your lampshade in golden hues and maybe if you are feeling sassy, some tassels.

What else can you do? Leave tips in the comments and send pictures of your Midas touch.

world market gold candle holdersgold-twirly-sticks

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