The Look for Less: Wire Baskets

lumens wire basket
pierre deux wire urn
sur la table wire basket

Inspired by a visit to Nell Hill’s, a fabulous home décor store in Kansas City, Missouri we’ve taken to putting books in pots and wire baskets. This look is fun, funky, functional, and helps organize all those New York and New Yorker Magazines that you never read, but want people to think you do.

Here is a selection of wire baskets for under $45 and less. From the top down: The first one was purchased for exactly $30, from the D&B Company, a fabulous little home décor store in Excelsior, MN. Stop in if you are in the neighborhood, they have a great selection of vintage linens and fabulous tea cups. The next is a more modern look from Lumens and starts at $22.00. This grand wire urn from Pierre Deux is $45, the cheapest we could find on the Internet. Sur La Table has this charming wire basket for $29.95.


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