The Look for Less: Pimp Out Your Windows

If you are decorating in a small space, an apartment, or a rental house, decorating can pose a problem. You have to maximize the space you are given, often without the ability to paint. Decorative window films gives you a new way to decorate your space for less. And when it’s time to move you can take it with you. This isn’t your grandma’s plastic she put over her bathroom windows. Modern window film has fabulous patterns that you can use in the kitchen, the dining room, your bedroom, french doors, your front door to block the view, and more.

Here are three creative ways to use this product:

  • Glass doors of a hutch or entertainment center
  • The glass shade on a pendant light or lampshade.
  • Put the film on the bottom half of a hallway or bathroom mirror.
  • Also, Home Depot sells more practical window film that does not have a design, but has just a slight tint that is a great way to save energy in the summer when your air conditioner is working in overdrive.
  • Here are some great window film finds:

  • Home Depot sells tinted window film for $34.99.
  • The Scandinavian Design center has some fabulous window film designs (pictured above) starting at $22.42.
  • 2Jane has designer window film for $76 a roll, or some less expensive 4″ x 8″ samples for $5.
  • Rare Device has fabulous window film (pictured above) starting at $28.
  • Builders Square also has window film, starting at $19.97.
  • Head on over to Design*Sponge for a quick tutorial and more great window film ideas.

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      I concur. Vera Wang for Kohls is fabulous. Especially the shoes. Oh the shoes. But we basically get all of our household basics from Kohls, when there is a sale and using a coupon. We never go without a coupon.

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