We’ve all heard the buzz surrounding olive oil. From the health benefits (the tasty treat is said to prevent heart attacks and strokes), to the way it flavors food, it’s thought to be the finest of all oils. But never did we think the powerhouse liquid would become a mega-trend for fall. It’s now the ‘it’ product to use all around your home. And being the trendsetter you are, we know you’re going to want some budget-conscious, olivey-good finds (sans calories, of course). Here are a few of our faves.
Cucina The Look for Less: Olive Oil

This liquid soap (pictured above, $20) is made for chefs (and even chefs-in-the-making). Lightly scented with either ginger and lemon or orange and fennel, it will purify and energize even the most cook-weary or dish-drowsy hands.
Linens and Things Bottle The Look for Less: Olive Oil

Good olive oil is an investment. So when you serve it, you want it to be in a bottle that’s worthy. This sleek, curved glass bottle (pictured above, $7.99) is just what you need. It holds 16 ounces of oil and comes with an easy-to-use spout.
Lush Soap The Look for Less: Olive Oil

To add a little olivey goodness to your bathroom, pick up a block of Lush’s extra virgin olive soap (pictured above, $7.60 for 3.5 ounces). Made from detoxifying oils and infused with the smell of grapefruit and coriander, it’s a treat for your hands and senses (the scintillating smell lingers long after the bubbles burst).