The Look for Less: Fabric Panels

These Thomas Paul panels (right) are $90 each, but over at Bella Dia she has a tutorial on how to get that look for less. The cost is only the price of your favorite fabric and a foam board and the look is fantastic. Check out her office in the picture on the left. This is a great idea for someone who lives in an apartment and can’t paint. Go here for the full instructions, but in brief, here is what you do:

1. Cut a piece of foam board to fit your fabric, allowing for an 1 1/2″ overhang of fabric.
2. Place double-stick tape on the back edges of the foam board and pull the fabric over each corner and press down on the tape.
3. Use wall putty to hang them on your walls.

Coordinate your fabric by uniting similar patterns in a variety of colors, or unite a variety of patterns with similar colors. Another good way to get the eclectic but pulled-together look is by starting with a foundational fabric then finding fabrics that match its basic elements but have a different look or pattern. For example, match the red petals of your foundational fabric to a red toile. Highlight blues with a cool blue Asian inspired print, etc. Having the foundational fabric as an inspiration will allow you to go in many different directions, while still holding the look together.

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