The Look for Less: Eco-Friendly and Squeaky Clean

We’d like to be eco-friendly, but it’s just so darn expensive sometimes. Especially with grocery prices rising, the economy tanking, and the glut of reality and game shows on TV, the future can look pretty bleak.

Fortunately, the folks at Earth Friendly Products heard our plight, while they can’t stop inflation, or make “American Gladiatorsâ€? go away and “Chuckâ€? come back, they do, however, offer earth-friendly products at reasonable prices. Visit their web site to find a store that carried their products near you. Also, fill out their form and receive some sweet money savin’ coupons.

Their Dishmate dish soap (pictured above) is great for people with super-sensitive skin and its concentrated formula means you use less. And for $3.96 a bottle, that is green we can do.

Their paper towels are made from 100% recycled paper. Each roll carries a minimum 80% post consumer content. There is absolutely no chlorine used in the manufacture of these paper products. Yay! Also, they are $1.98 a roll.

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