The Look for Less: Clocks for under $30

If it wasn’t for your alarm clock going off this morning, where would you be? Snug-as-a-bug in your bed (clinging to your homemade sweater pillow, no doubt). But you’d also be late for meetings, your trainer, a date, lunch, dinner, your family (you get the picture). These days it’s virtually impossible to get away from telling time but finding a clock (alarm or otherwise) that’s chic and cheap remains an elusive task. That’s why we’ve searched the Net and found three clocks that will keep you on time and in style without busting your budget. So what are you waiting for?  Time’s a-wasting!

weather channel clock

If you want more from your alarm clock than just a ringtone to stir you from your slumber, this clock is for you. Made with an internal weather sensor this superstar, available at Target ($29.99, pictured above), gives you a full weather report for the day (and with a simple push of a button it will project the info onto your wall).

MOMA clock

When you’re in a rush there are two things you need: a mirror (to make sure you look practically perfect) and a clock (to tell you just how late you really are). So keep an eye on yourself and the time with this gizmo from the Modern Museum of Art ($25, pictured above).

Vintage is all the rage these days. From clothes to furniture and now even clocks. This ready to rock timepiece from ($28, pictured above) is made from classic 7” vinyl records (available in rock and roll and soul) and will add pizzazz to any room.

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