The Look for Less: Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions are a versatile way to add architectural interest to your home.  They’re easy to install, and can give your home stellar visual appeal. Hang a collection of them on your wall as wall art, or use them to frame your light fixture.

One way to buy them is from an architectural salvage store or from a store like Decorators Supply where the 14” diameter medallion (above left) runs for $92. Or you can get the 15” diameter one to the right from Ceilings USA for $20.21. For an even better deal, buy a fiberglass replica from Lowe’s or Home Depot which range from $5-$30.

Something to consider: Some ceiling medallions have holes in them, which is fine for the light fixtures, but if you are hanging them on your wall, consider filling the hole with a swatch of fabric, funky paper, or a small mirror from a craft store. Or paint them and use them as a unique candle holder—just place the candle inside the hole for the fixture and place in the middle of your table.

ceiling medallion cheap

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