The Look for Less: Capiz Chandeliers

Target Capiz Chandelier
The shimmering pearl of capiz chandeliers is enough to add luminescence to any room in the house. But they usually run a little pricey. The Serena Chandelier from Gracious Home is $2,600 (yikes!). But thanks to Target, you can have the look without sacrificing your vacation fund. Target’s new line of capiz chandeliers is on sale now and run between $29.99-$99.00. The one pictured above is only $29.99. But you should know, some of them can only be bought in stores. Also, check out the Target Web site for a coupon for their Global Bazaar and use them on the purchase of your fabulous chandelier (Note: you can only use the coupon in stores).

We also found this How-To for making your own capiz chandeliers. It is definitely worth a shot. Have you tried it? Let us know about it in the comments

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