The Limited is Back- 30% off all Accessories

The Deal: 30% off all accessories through June 15th at The Limited

The Lowdown: Okay remember back in the day (like 1992) when The Limited was THE place to shop. We were so impressed with its “New York Style” (like we really could tell the difference in suburban middle America) and cute collection of dresses. Then the millennium came and the store sort of faded from our collective fashion consciousness. Well, The Limited is back and bringing with it some pretty awesome deals (and a great collection of budget-friendly bridesmaid dresses). Check out our picks from their accessories sale- the belt featured above costs less than a similar belt we found at Target.

Shop: The Limited

Our Picks:

The Limited Accessories

1. Petal Trim Wrap, was $34.50, now $24.15.
2. Adjustable Skinny Belt, was $19.50, now $13.65
3. Giraffe Print Scarf, was $29.50, now $20.65
4. Front Braid Elastic Belt, was $34.50, now $24.15

The Limited Accessories

5. Metal Mesh Circles Necklace, was $29.50, now $20.65
6. Metal Link Bracelet, was $24.50, now $17.15
7. Bow Feather Clutch, was $29.50, now $20.65

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