The Hottest Trends this Fall? Well, Nothing

There’s no reason to shop this season.

There, I said it.

No matter how many trend reports you read (present company included), no matter how many celebs they try to bust out for Fashion’s Night Out (Sarah Silverman at MAC signing a copy of her book “The Bedwetter”? And who thought this was a good idea?), there is no reason to shop this fall because there’s nothing new.

For example our friends at Vogue’s  listed Men’s wear as a fall fashion trend for 2010, but we covered the menswear for women (as did our friends at as a major trend for Fall 2007.  Guess who else covered Menswear as a major trend for 2007? Yep, our friends at Vogue.

We get that it’s super hard to sell ads when you’re telling people not to buy. So the ‘zines (and blogs, yes we’re part of the problem, too) try to find new ways to write about the same items each fall. So the oversized sweater of 2007 becomes the slouchy sweater of 2010.  Or the long look of 2007 becomes the “Long View” look of 2010.

These ever so slight changes (which really come down to semantics) fool you into thinking you need to buy a whole new look each fall, when in reality, you could just shop your closet (because you probably bought it back in 2007).

While revisiting, tweaking, or slightly altering trends is nothing new in the world of fashion, this year designers seem to be downright copying themselves and/or throwing whatever fad they can at you in a desperate attempt to get you to buy.  Love Vampires? Well velvet and blood red is for you. Are you a Mad Men fan, then we’ve got 60s inspired office wear. Nostalgic for your childhood? Scoop up a couple of Gummy Bracelets. Karl Lagerfeld hates plus size folks, but loves $$? Chanel debuts plus sizes.

If our first day at NYC Spring 2011 fashion week is any indication, then expect this trend to continue well into 2011.

Some of Fall 2010’s Hot Trends that have been around for a while

- Velvet (See TBF Fall 2005 Fashion Week Coverage)

- Menswear- (See TBF Fall 2007 Fashion Week Coverage)

- The Country Look- (See Instyle Fall 2008 Fashion Trends and Vogue’s Fall Trends 2008)

- The Fur Vest Look- (See Instyle Fall 2008 Fashion Trends)