The Hat: Adventures in Home Shopping

It’s that weird time of year where we’re totally ready to get decked out for spring, but the air is still cool enough on most days to require some less-than-fun winter gear. Enter this cute colored wool felt hat from Hot in Hollywood on the Home Shopping Network. Bright color, fun grosgrain ribbon, top-stitching detail—helps us to almost overlook the fact it’s from a company called “Hot in Hollywood.” At any rate, we’re thinking this is a fun way to look up to date and keep cozy, and for only $21.

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  1. Anonymous says

    It also comes in black and red, if you prefer that combo, though I think the one pictured is more spring-like! Sounds like an intersting show, Rainya, and I agree—hats need to make a comeback (instead of being on the fashion sidelines!).

  2. says

    I have often found myself wishing hats would come back into fashion in a BIG way. This one is adorable. I am an actor by night and did a costume-heavy show where every scene we wore a new hat. It was fabulous to have that finishing touch! Right now I’m invovled in a show called “Crowns” (stage managing) and it is all about culture and tradition and the hats worn to church on Sunday. If only I were bold enough to lead the charge back to hats in every day wear!

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