The Good, The Bad, and The Really Ugly: Site Review

The Lowdown: Laura reviews, an online boutique featuring a small and sometimes stylish selection of “extras” (think handbags and bracelets).

Our Review: is all about the accessories, we’re not just talking your average necklace, but also bracelets, scarves, hats, pins, etc. Sort of like an accessories smorgasbord.

To find the accessory that’s right for you, first browse the category you’re interested in, and then sort by name, price, or “newest.” Although there’s no way to customize your search, there’s no need to – you could probably peek through all of’s products in a half hour.

Which brings us to our next point: needs more stuff (9 hats… really, that’s it?). Still, there’s enough quality here to justify its existence. For instance – this fun and feminine Janelle Necklace is only $19 , and this $21 Black Rose & Pearls Bracelet is pretty darned cute. Other items, however, aren’t so enchanting, like this $10 Eiffel Tower Necklace.

The Verdict: You can do better. With such limited inventory, and the quality ranging from cute to crappy, we have mixed feelings about It’s entirely possible to find a cheap “must have” accessory on, especially if you’re as quirky as the site, but there’s nothing all that memorable or special about the shopping experience.

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