The Floppy Brimmed Hat: High Vs. Low

Hats can add a little oomph to the most basic of outfits—and we love ‘em because, like belts, you can get some that look trendy and terrific without parting with a whole lotta dough. You could pay more for a stylish hat, but we’re here to prove it’s not necessary, with this floppy hat high vs. low. One of the hats pictured is more than we like to spend on a whole outfit, while the other is at the perfect pricepoint for a signature accessory. So which is which?

On the left, the high, Penelope by Eugenia, $145; on the right, a budget pick, the Grandpa Fedora at Urban Outfitters, on sale $14.99.

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  1. BigGirlBlue says

    I like the Fedora better. Maybe if the other didn’t have lines.

    Hats are one of those items I covet on other people. They just don’t look right on me.

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