The Cork Slingback: High Vs. Low

We’re a little puzzled by this trend, but it seems for spring you just might find your feet decked out in, well, cork. Hmmm. This’ll last about 17 minutes by our calculations, so if you like it (and it is kind of cute) don’t pay too much. Here, we’ve got two versions—one pricey, one pleasantly budget. So which is which?

On the left—Payless’ ridiculously-named but budget-priced “Korky” platform pump, $24.99. On the right, of course, the slightly steep Stuart Weitzman “Spring Platform” pump, at Bluefly, regularly priced $171, now $142.99.


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  1. tomikej says

    Every time I try to guess the more expensive product, I get it wrong. Just proof it doesn’t have to be expensive to look good :).

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