The Budget Fashionista’s Weekly Retail Closing Report for March 3

Could the news get any worse? Very much so. Retailers keep struggling, stores keep closing, and stuff keeps getting liquidated. The Q4 results are in… here are the losers, and, well, the losers.

Fourth Quarter Blues
Nordstrom and Saks, two of the more upscale retailers out there, aren’t doing too well, and in fact – “given the uncertain economy, [Nordstrom] no longer will provide a quarterly earnings outlook.” Eeks. So much for optimistic thinking.

Macy’s, Target, and Kohl’s also reported awful fourth quarters. Gap joined the sad chorus, too, but was quick to point out that it has still managed to outperform competitors.

Slimming Up
Neiman Marcus is lightening its load, firing a bunch of folks (450 to be exact). Valentino is also letting go of some employees. J.Crew’s taking even more drastic measures, though, slashing 95 jobs, suspending its 401K program, and even getting rid of raises that are merit-based. Jeez!

Stores Closing
Aeropostatle is closing all 11 Jimmy’Z stores.
Zales is shutting down 115 stores.
Iridesse – a pearl jewelry chain by Tiffany and Co – is over. All 16 stores will be closed.

Could Barneys be on the same path? Probably not, but it did put a stop to its spring orders, for the time being.

Finally, the economy is hammering the final nail in the Fortunoff coffin. Liquidation is beginning.

In the midst of all this doom and gloom, Christian Audigier is rubbing the opening of his new Ed Hardy store in everyone’s face, celebrating it with champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and NFL players. A little insensitive, don’t you think?

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  1. morgan.2004 says

    My prediction.  Ed Hardy is just a fad (an ugly one at that) and the store will be closed in 2 years.  It’s the new “hypercolor” or generra….anyone remember those?

  2. NewStyleWeb.Com says

    Department Stores and major chains are in trouble, the bad thing is the supply of fresh merchandise will dry up and the stroes will begain to look old. It may be up to the independants to keep fresh hot fashion alive.

  3. Target-Addict says

    I think Macy’s needs to close more stores (IMO).  I was at a suburban outlet in Northern California during my lunch break today (to return something, not buy) and let me tell you, you could hear CRICKETS in there, the place was so quiet!  Remember when the major department stores were reserved for the “big cities”, or at least the big suburbs?  I can think of at least two other Macy’s in my area (besides the the one I mention above) that are attached to dying malls and could (and should) be closed.

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