The Budget Fashionista’s Tips for Selling Your Clothes

In case you missed it: continue Spring cleaning by getting rid of your old stuff in a useful way.

Whether you’re hurting for a little extra cash, or you’re simply cleaning your closet, a most satisfying way to get rid of your old clothes is to sell them.  Here’s how to make a decent profit out of your closet.

Get the 1-2-3s of prepping your closet for clothing to sell: we have some tips on how to organize everything into piles.

Also, if you’re donating clothing, make sure you know what paperwork to keep for further savings down the road.

How to sell your clothes on eBay: know the best time to end your auctions, what info to include, and more.

How to sell at a consignment shop: know what fees are reasonable, and what to expect from the contract.  Also, make sure to check out our review of InStyleBelly, the consignment store for maternity clothing. 

Give to Get at Stein Mart: by donating some of your clothes, you can get a discount to shop for new stuff.

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