The Bootine: Hot Again for Fall 2008

What: Bootines, booties, ankle boots, everywhere

What We Say: Last year, the bootine was THE shoe for fall. Well, this year isn’t very original, but once again the bootine (or bootie, or ankle boot, or whatever you wish to call it) is super hot again. Still perplexed on how to wear it? Don’t be, because it’s more versatile than you think—pair them with a pencil skirt and button down blouse; a sweater dress; or just denim or dress trousers, like you would any other boot. There are plenty of budget versions to be had (and if you have a pair from last year, even better!), but we’ve selected a handful that we figure would do nicely to take us all the way through the winter (assuming we waterproof properly).


Get It:

Metallic Leather Ankle Boot, $49, Spiegel

Patent Ankle Boot, on sale $24.99, Newport News

Ruched Ankle Boot, $27.99, Newport News

Madison Button Ankle Boot, $34.99, Payless

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  1. Anonymous says

    I was hesitant on this shoe trend.  I prefer a longer leg line, obviously these cut off at the ankle.  I found a pair of textured black patent leather ankle boots (Ross, $25) that I couldn’t say no to.  So far, I’ve worn them with a jersey dress and leggings an also pegged (yes! pegged) skinny jeans.

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