The Biggest Loser Takes On Fashion

What: The biggest weight loss show on television, the biggest loser gets it’s own line of fashionable activewear. The line will offer sizes S-5XL and will be priced from $39-$59.

According to WWD: NBC’s consumer product group has just signed a licensing deal with with Australian designer Bruno Schiavi to create and distribute an athletic apparel line for men and women that will hit stores in September to coincide with the show’s 10th season. The 27-piece collection includes compression tops, shirts, shorts, pants and jackets in brightly colored performance fabrics. Jackets are cut longer to cover bottoms and waistbands on shorts are cut higher to hold in the stomach. There are plentiful zippers and pockets for iPods and keys.

What We Say: Talk about milking the cow. We guess NBC feels like they haven’t cashed in enough on the Biggest Loser workout videos and fitness equipment. Plus $39+ is pricey for a workout line, especially when we could stick with Old Navy. We are happy that they are carrying sizes above a 2X and designing the clothes with functionality in mind, but, do we really need another activewear line.

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  1. Lisa says

    Not that I’d pay $39+ for activewear, but I really think the market could stand to have some workout clothes made to flatter larger people. I am a size 12, not that big, really, but I hate how the majority of workout shorts are either super-short, or really fitted.

  2. Lexi says

    Actually, I disagree. Well, I agree with NBC cashing in on everything from Biggest Loser protein to Biggest Loser activewear. However, there aren’t a lot of places people can buy plus-size activewear, and the prices are in line (or a little cheaper!) than what other places charge. I say that anything that encourages people–especially the obese– to get out and exercise is a good thing. The people that need it most are often ignored by major activewear brands, so NBC is taking advantage of a gap in the market.

  3. Christine says

    Here’s hoping that “The Biggest Loser” logo is teeny-tiny on a back pocket and not emblazoned in yellow across the front of every shirt and short!!

  4. stylishous says

    To be honest I’m the girl who puts on a pair of leggings, a sports bra and a cute tee & keeps it moving when working out, so I am not sure what the right price would be. I guess if there is not much in active wear for plus size people then it makes it easier for NBC to milk it.

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