Hate the name (do grown women really want to wear a bib?), love the accessory. Why? Because with something as bold as a “bib” necklace, you really don’t need much else to be eye-catching. Can you do it on the cheap? Would we bother writing about it if you couldn’t? Of couse not. We’ve rounded up a few budget pieces that are as fab as anything we’ve seen on the runway, for pennies on the dollar (or less) . . .

One caveat—whatever you do, be sure the neckline of your top is simple, simple, simple, and cut to frame the necklace or lay unobtrusively flat underneath—anything else will look sloppy and detract from what could be your signature piece for the season.

1. Stone Drape Necklace, $12.80, Forever 21

2. Chain Maille Necklace, $8.80, Forever21

3. Colorful Bib Necklace, $34, Urban Outfitters

4. Wrap Link Bib Necklace, $19.99, Target.