Dressed to the Nines: 9 Affordable Stylish Dresses for Thanksgiving

It ain’t just the turkey with dressing issues here, folks. Thanksgiving dinner over at the prospective in-laws’ home? A family dinner with Aunt Martha asking for the nth time when will you finally get hitched (never mind if it’s public knowledge that you’ve been single for the last 10 months)?

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Belted Sleeveless Dress

Belted Sleeveless Dress, $24.80

Forget the the nail-biting anticipation and “I have nothing to wear!” closet woes, and check out these 10 classy Thanksgiving dinner dresses from Forever 21. At under $50, you will definitely thank the heavens for these stylish, affordable additions to your wardrobe. Plus, you can reuse them for the office parties coming in a few weeks!

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