Thank Mom For Your Wrinkles

What: A group of plastic surgeons recently banded together to study the effects of aging on ten mother/daughter pairs. Specifically, they wanted to find out if wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, etc, were caused more by genetics or the environment. Turns out, we are all going to age just like your mother (at least when it comes to your face, particularly your eyes and eye lids). This is certainly not surprising news, but when you’re constantly bombarded with anti-aging products, it’s an easy enough fact to forget. 

What They Say:

Researchers Matthew Camp, Zachary Filip, Wendy Wong and Subhas Gupta, plastic surgeons in California, found that volume loss in the lower eyelid began when women who aged in their mid-30s, continued to progress steadily through life.

What We Say: We all know that aging is inevitable and blaming our mothers is certainty not going to change that. Best bet is to age gracefully and stick to the basics— find a good SPF, eat your veggies, get a good anti-aging cream, and of course hope for the best.

What anti-aging creams or lotions do you use?