Thakoon: Next Up From Target’s Go International Line

What: Thakoon is the next designer to team with Target for their Go International designer line, with clothes to hit stores in December.

What We Say: This isn’t Thakoon’s first foray into budget fashion (he worked with Gap on a white shirt project not long ago), but we’re glad he’s decided to expand his horizons into our local Target. The designer (full name:Thakoon Panichgul“> Thakoon Panichgul) is know for bold prints and vintage-inspired but modern designs, and his Fall RTW collection was full of plaids, florals, and sleek feminine shapes. We can only hope he can bring some of that sophisticated but wearable sensibility into the hit-or-miss Go International line.

image (from Thakoon’s Fall 2008 RTW collection) courtesy of