Thakoon for Target: Mrs. O Would Approve

You know we love us some Michelle Obama style (check out Kathryn’s budget style retrospective on Mrs. O) so we’re all about a first look at budget-friendly pieces from one of her favorite designers, Thakoon, who’s bringing his bold prints and modern lines to Target’s GO International line at the end of the year. If you’re a Thakoon fan like Obama, this resort-focused collection doesn’t disappoint—strong floral and stripe patterns, bold color, and easy to wear silhouettes (including feminine full skirts, which we kinda love).

The line will hit the stores Dec. 28, and will only be available ‘til Jan. 31, so if you love it, you’ll want to tuck away a few dollars now to treat yourself after the holiday shopping madness has passed . . .

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  1. Target-Addict says


    Thakoon’s line looks great, but be sure to try each piece on and NOT go by the sizes.  The sizes are all over the place (even for Target!).  Great prints, strips, and patterns, though.

  2. TexanBargainHunter says


    Yeah, you are totally right.  The sizes were crazy!  I also thought some of the dresses and skirts were a little short…

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