Ten Tips for Greening Your Life on a Budget

Ten Tips for Greening Your Life on a Budget

If you’re ready to start living green but thought you couldn’t afford it, we’re here to help. Start here…with our ten tips for greening your life on a budget:

1. Join a CSA or shop at Farmer’s Markets: If you plan in advance what you will need for the week, Farmer’s Markets can save you money. Alternatively, if you’re feeling experimental, join a CSA and take part in a farm’s bounty for a weekly price. Local food at its finest.

2. Read our three part series on storing food in an eco and budget-friendly manner: Cut out overspending on food, one of the biggest wasters of budget, food and environmental resources with our tips on how to do a kitchen evaluation of what you need, how to buy and store bulk food, and easily growing and storing your own food.

3. Drive less – Whether you are looking for opportunities to walk or ride your bike, convincing your boss to allow you to telecommute once a week, taking public transportation, or grouping your errands for one trip – driving less makes sense and is easy to do with a little advanced planning.

4. Grow your own – It sounds daunting, doesn’t it? A garden. It doesn’t have to be. Even a few pots can make a difference not only to your bottom line, but also to your outlook: suddenly staying home and roasting an organic chicken sounds more appealing than dinner out when you have fresh herbs growing in your kitchen. For the biggest bang for your buck, grow tomatoes.

5. Switch to cloth – Diapers, that is. If you’re a parent of a baby or toddler, you know how many diapers you go through in a day. Cloth diapers are not as daunting as people think. And there are easy ways to incorporate them into your lifestyle. Start by simply using cloth when you’re at home. Note: to save money, you’ll need to wash your own, again, not as bad as it sounds.

6. Turn on the tap – Bottled water is not only passé, the word has gotten out on the toll of all those plastic water bottles, and for what? Water that’s not even regulated like our tap water? Get a Sigg, and fill it up at the tap.

7. Make your own cleaning supplies – Easy, effective and inexpensive. In fact, if you’re still using specialized cleaners for your toilets, your counters, your windows, your floors – you’re bound to save a ton of cash. Read our tips on a great all-purpose cleaner, fabric fresheners, air fresheners, cleaning with essential oils, and bathroom cleaning strategies.

8. Start a compost heap – Nothing is more exciting that getting something for nothing. In this case, you take your food scraps and yard waste, mix it together and voila! Organic soil.

9. Buy less – Here’s a tip that’s sure to make your life easier and more zen. Buy less. Our over-consumptive behavior is, after all, what got us into this great green mess. Be aware of what you need and purchase consciously.

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