Temporary Tattoos: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Nowadays, rubbing on a tat is cooler than going under the needle for one.

What the experts say: In a recent New York Times Style story, decal-like ink transfer designs were put on a platform: Temporary tattoos are back,” said Michael Benjamin, the president of Temptu, a New York supplier of mock tattoos and body paints. Adds Danielle Fonseca, who applied ink-transfer tattoos to a gaggle of models at a recent holiday party thrown by Marc Jacobs, “They are an amazing way to test-drive a design.”

What we say: Considering permanent tattoos turn you into a walking art canvas for all of eternity, temporary tats are a great alternative for the curious and creative. Most transfer tattoos simply go on with a bit of water and last up to a few days. Roses, butterflies, your boyfriend’s name . . . let your imagination rub wild. The best part of this trend? If you and your loved one end up splitting, just dose your tat with a bit of rubbing alcohol and poof, he’s gone.

Photo: Temptu.com