Temperley joins Target’s Go International

Alice Temperley and her eponymous line, Temperley London, is on tap to design a limited edition holiday line for Target’s Go International Line. The line, which will be in Target stores at the beginning of October, will feature dresses, evening suits, and more for the 2007 Holiday season.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Temperley London line, but with prices starting at $1500 for a dress, I couldn’t even dream about owning a piece. Now, I can. This is what I love about Target, they democratized design, offering REAL designer clothing at reasonable prices.  Now, if they could only get Manolo to do a line of pumps…..

More looks from the line

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  1. Judy says

    I have a lame question…I live near a newly renovated Target that has a clothing department but I can’t ever seem to find the cute clothes that are featured on BF?  Are they limited in stores and have to be ordered on-line?

  2. says

    I recently ordered some of the Patrick Robinson stuff and I really like it, but the Temperly items have me thinking this will be my favorite GO line yet. They’re chic and very wearable, and they don’t scream “this is the designer line from Target!” I can’t wait to order some of these pieces!

  3. emma says

    the sweater with the leaves on it is adorable!! i’m definitely getting that when it comes out. can’t wait!

  4. says

    I have a reply to Judy … just because I know the answer and I’m happy about that haha…

    Only certain stores offer the Go International lines. … I actually work at Target (which is why I can answer this question completely). The one I work at is NOT a SuperTarget, so we don’t carry all of the things they do. Until this particular line came out, we did have every Go International line that came out. Now, they decided we don’t sell enough, so we don’t have the product anymore. …

    SO … I’d check a SuperTarget … Or ask. … If you call the store and ask them if they carry the Go International lines, they should tell you. If not, they should know who does.

    So pretty much all I’m saying is if the product doesn’t sell very well, the store won’t always have it.

    *AND* by the way … that dress … the first one … is my *ABSOLUTE FAVORITE*!!! … I love it.

  5. TBF says

    You guy just don’t understand how excited I am about this line.. I LOVE Temperley and could never even think about purchasing a piece from the line before this partnership with Target. The style is both artistic and wearable..

    To Judy- it;s unfortunate that the line is carried only at super targets.. but you can purchase them online…

  6. Patrice Teilmann says

    I can’t wait for this one!  I think it’s the best Go line I’ve seen so far, and I’ve liked a lot of them.  There are at least 7 or 8 items I want.  I’m going to have a lot of fun next fall.

  7. Judy says


    Thanks for answering my questions.  My Target has food now but I don’t think it is a Super Target.  The clothing department actually isn’t much bigger than before the rennovation…however we now do have dressing rooms…

  8. Jen says

    Here’s a little hint for figuring out which Targets have the GO line (other than telephoning them, of course). Something like a bag will have a button underneath it that says, “Find at a Target store.” Click and enter your zip code and then it will show you all the stores within a large range, saying if it’s in stock or not. “Limited Availability” means at least they carried it at one time.

    If you want to check for a garment in your size, put it in your shopping cart in your size. Then look at your cart, click on the item again, and it will go to a page where the item is in that one size (rather than the drop-down list). You can also do this with a wishlist, I think. Then you can check it out the same way. It’s certainly not perfectly accurate, but it often does have specific size info. It’s worth a try! Good luck and I would cry if my local Targets didn’t carry the line.

  9. Heidie says

    I have always loved the GO line.  Target really gets that MANY of us want designer clothes but cannot justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on one item.  I love Target for that and am so excited for this line!

  10. Yavonkia says

    I don’t really ever get with the Go International lines at Target because its Target and I guess I don’t care enough about designer clothes to pay those prices at Target. Target is for cute clothes at a bargain…but I head for the clearance rack first at every store so I guess it doesn’t matter. I think I’ve only bought one thing from the Go International Paul & Joe line…it was on clearance for $8 and people absolutely love it everytime I wear it.

  11. martha says

    I can see myself wearing the printed wrap up dress at my next birthday’s party. The whole line it’s totally my style, can’t wait to hit stores :)

  12. says

    I can’t wait for this one!  I usually go Target-hopping the first day a GO collection comes out, to get the pieces I want in the right sizes.  This line looks like a must-have, especially the dresses.  So feminine and pretty.

  13. fashfunlover says

    I like this collection. Definitely follows pattern of presenting winter wear and holiday stuff. My favorite piece is the dress with white sash.

    My only complaint though is that it seems that they are incorporating less and less accessories which sucks for me because I am a BIG purse lover. Why did they do that ?

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