Teluli Site Review

What: Instead of combing through several brand websites in search for a certain item, Teluli does the research and puts all the options in one place.

The Lowdown: Teluli reminds me of meets online dating; the goal is to foster a “fashion community,” which means that you are supposed to Pin, Tweet, like and share while you shop. The attractive part about Teluli is that the merchandise is categorized by item; that is, while you can still search by brand, you are encouraged to simplify the hunt by searching by item. Sounds familiar?

Much like online dating, Teluli serves you best if you know what you want. Looking for sunglasses, jeans or socks? Simply enter “jeans” in to the search field and you’ll immediately be presented with all options that fit your search. Upon further investigation, Teluli isn’t as big as; in total it pulls from eight total stores: Bebe, Fossil, Guess, ModCloth, Shopbop, Solstice Sunglasses, Nasty Gal and AG Jeans. If you prefer, you can also shop by brand or “freshly added,” and the site does a great job of presenting each item in a clear and true-to-form model photo.

Additionally, you don’t purchase through Teluli; instead, when you are ready to buy, you are routed to the actual brand Web site. I think a cool next step for Teluli would be to add a “shopping cart” feature so you can shop for everything and then buy, instead of completing several separate purchases during one spree.

The Bottom Line: Fantastic idea if you are shopping item-by-item and want to consider several options side-by-side prior to purchase.

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