Fake Handbag Debate: A Teen Weighs In


You could be having a bad hair day, and wearing a not so great outfit, but if you’re holding a designer bag people respect you, they know you’re “someone”. Designer bags are obviously status symbols . . . something not everyone can afford which is why there’s an entire industry devoted to fakes. From the street vendors in Chinatown to eBay, knock off bags are everywhere.

When you pay big bucks for a designer bag yes, you’re definitely paying for the name, but also the craftsmanship. When you buy a fake you’re compromising quality. An authentic Hermes Birkin will last you a lifetime, as opposed to the knock off that will only last you a year or two. I think knock offs are wrong. They’ve tainted the images and reputations of designers (Louis Vuitton is particular), and some even end up funding terrorism, child labor, and illegal drug trade. If you purchase a fake you’re being unfair to the designer as well as those who paid for an authentic bag.

Bio: Jazmin Gonzalez is a 16-year-old New York City High School junior with a “passion for fashion” and aspirations to be a Fashion Editor. She currently hold the title of Miss Empire Royalty Junior Teen.

** the opinions expressed in the fake debate series are those of the guest blogger, not The Budget Fashionista. If you got issues with what they have to say, email them directly or post a comment below.**

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