A Big Tease: Beauty Trend

What: The next time your mother calls your hair a rat’s nest, tell her it’s en vogue.

The Word: According to Elle.com, Mason Pearson brushes and flat irons were replaced with pick combs at the recent runway shows of Marc Jacobs and Rag & Bone: “You could almost hear a chorus of  ‘We love you, Miss Hannigan,’ this week as models took to the runway: they looked more like they’d just rolled out of bed after a few too many martinis.”

Our Word: If only we looked as good as the girl above after a few too many martinis, what’s a few knots? And as long as the hair is not verging on Jason Castro dreads (anyone watching AI this season?), a nod toward the bed head look can imply you are a busy, modern woman with no time for frivolous pursuits. To get this messed up look down, Redken hairstylist Guido Palau, who did some teasing at the Pringle of Scotland Show, says to skip conditioner when washing hair and use your fingers to lift hair at the roots when you’re blow-drying. Then, take your pick comb and slightly tease, starting at the roots. It’s when you’ve teased your hair into a football helmut that you might imply that you’re more of a busy, crazy woman instead.

Photo: Elle.com

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