Team Buying Comes to the US

What: The collective buying trend moves stateside with the emergence of sites like eswarm and the no longer operable nethaggler. Still, the concept is not as developed as it is in China.

What the experts say: Trendcentral:

By giving users the option to name prices, nag merchants and band with others who want the same products, the opportunity to save cash can grow exponentially.

What I say: It’s an interesting concept and totally makes sense from an online perspective. It would be great for items like consumer products (toothpaste, soap, cleaners, etc), office supplies and even automobiles. However, I’m not sure it will successfully trickle down to the fashion, especially the mid to upper fashion markets. As the demand for luxury goods, and our willingness to pay any price for them, continues to increase, certain merchants won’t really have any incentive to sell their products for less to a group .

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