Tea Party: Entertaining on a Budget


Of course, any tea party needs some food. Keep it simple. A fruit salad, a quiche, and some scones with clotted cream should be plenty. If you think your tea party needs more than just tea, consider Lavender punch, or mimosas.

Clotted cream is delicious and easy to make. Ask your local specialty grocery store if they carry it, if they don’t here is a recipe derived from the Joy of Cooking.

Clotted Cream
Begin by taking unpasteurized cream and letting it stand for about 12 hours (during the winter months) or 6 hours (during the warm summer months). Then to sterilize the cream; place the cream over very low heat (do not boil) until rings form on the surface of the cream. Store in a cold place for at least 12 hours and then skim the thick clotted cream from the surface of the cream. You now have homemade Clotted Cream.

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