TBF’s New Year’s Round-Up


Here at TBF, we like to greet the New Year in different ways: reflecting on fashion disasters of years gone by, predicting fashion hits (and misses) for the year to come, and dishing a little advice while we’re at it. Some of our favorite New Years posts to get you in the right frame of mind (Go ahead and get the bubbly. We’ll wait.):

New Year, New You: Worst Fashion Mistakes
There’s nothing that will make you feel better going into the New Year, fashionably speaking, than to remind yourself of just how much worse it’s been. It’s free entertainment.

Welcome to the New Year: Kathryn’s Fashion Predictions
You know, when Kathryn predicted the “sandal” boot, we weren’t so sure, but now we know not to doubt her supernatural fashion powers . . .

New Year, New You: Advice to Start the New Year Right
Need a little help on getting focused as the new year begins? We have a few ideas to get you started off on the right foot . . .

Sequins: How to Shine This New Year’s Eve
Not sure what to wear for New Year’s Eve? Sequins is hot, and here are some options you can actually afford.

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  1. Target-Addict says


    Am I the only one disappointed by this “round up of past posts”, including TBF’s fashion predictions from Jan. 1 of LAST year?  Is Kathryn on vacation or something?  Because while it’s fun to look back at the past, I’d rather hear a fashion forecast for 2009.

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