TBF Fashion Newsletter:  Suffering for Fashion

How far are you willing to go to be a true fashionista? Would you wear heels so high you winced in pain every time you took a step, just because they make your booty draw the eye of every interested man and – even better – envious woman on the street? Would you wear a short skirt on a six-degree day paired with knee socks, not leggings or even pantyhose, because they showed off your new fake-n-bake tan and toned thighs? Would you… do both on the same day?

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  1. sam says

    loved what you said about Payless. My high school daughter was shopping at the last minute (always risky) for shoes for a formal. we found nothing under 70$ and everything was a little “hoochy” and/or too high-heeled. In desparation, I went to Payless. found a darling pair of black lace over nude satin 2 inch heels, peep toe with a bow on the vamp. sale price? 7$. I made her tell me she loved them before I ladmitted what I paid. the next day, she told me. “I was so happy to wake up and see my shoes. they are perfect ”
    I would have happily paid 50$ to 70$ for these shoes, but did not have to. and, they were comfortable all night long!

  2. Erin says

    My guilty little bargain secret is Wal-Mart!  Even though their Metro 7 line can look a little trashy (fur cuffs on jeans, oy..) I’ve found that the basics like skinny jeans, T-strap shoes, T-shirts, and slinky black dresses (just got one marked down to $9 that I plan to wear out when I go to Las Vegas next month) look high end and the fabric is good quality.  You wouldn’t believe the comments I get!  And it’s extra great when I can get it on clearance. 

    I want to love Issac Mizrahi’s stuff at Target but I’m constantly disappointed!  The fabric is blah and the cut is so baggy (I’m 5’2” and size 4) and shapeless I wonder why I made the trip there.  The shoes are cute but uncomfortable and never padded or lined.  Plus it’s frustrating that the fanciest stuff is only available on line and I prefer to try things on.  Target’s return policy won’t allow you to return at the store (unlike Wal-Mart!) so I end up paying anyway…
    I was a dedicated K-Mart shopper, but once I browsed through Wal-Mart I was amazed at what I found.  Check out their George line and the junior selections.  Also check out their clearance section on line.  And of course don’t get me started with thrift stores…I found a pair of Theory jeans for $4….

  3. says

    Regarding the favourite cheap high mentioned in the newsletter, mine is a triple-whammy of Nordstrom Rack, Neiman Marcus Last Call and Saks Off Fifth. Where else can you find clearance, marked down, then another 50% off? Fantastic!

  4. Diana says

    My little secret for saving – sample sales – i live in NY now so its easy for me, but even when I lived in FL with a little digging I was in the know. You can always find a sample sale somewhere.
    As far as trends go – all you need is that one designer piece ( you get on a budget at a sample sale) and then you can go H&M crazy.  You can look like a million bucks for around $50 with   a mark jacobs top with h&m skinny pants or a D&G miniskirt with a plain top.

  5. says

    There is a grey line of difference between feeling good and looking good as both complements each other. To an extent both acts as a motivating factor for each other.
    Example: if you are feeling good, its a human tendency to look good. But doubt may arise that if you look good you may not feel good. Chances are that even if you dont feel good, your appearance can be a saviour to you as it generates a kind of trust.

  6. Suz says

    For more great headbands and hair stuff check Girlprops/girlprops.com. The shops (Soho and East 8th Street) seem to have more than the site.

  7. anonymous says

    NEVER! My favorite place to check out clothes is Winners. I really like the tops and dresses there. Not so great for jeans because fit is compromised. Sirens is great and the George line at Walmart is a keeper. I got a great sixties looking houndstooth empire waist dress for 30 CDN. It looks so EXPENSIVE!

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