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By now you’ve no doubt heard about Britney Spears, who, on a whim, decided to take it all off. We all know this of course, because shortly after the pop singer shaved her head at a beauty salon, the paparazzi pounced, declaring the recently divorced diva a washed up, “Crazy” mess. Now that’s interesting, since we don’t recall anyone making fun of Melissa Etheridge when the folk rocker, fresh from chemo treatments, went to the 2005 Grammys wearing her bald crown as proudly as if it were a royal crown. And what about Sinead O’Connor, who’s just as famous for her quarter inch ‘do as her music? The Irish crooner’s bald head has actually seemed to help her get taken seriously as an artist.

So what’s up with all the Brit bashing? Clearly the woman is going through enough of a rough time as it is, likely related to post-partum depression as well as her recent split from her husband. And all these gossip “journalists” making fun of her can’t be helping matters. Obviously when a woman goes bald, it’s more about making a statement than about looking pretty. Obviously when a woman goes bald, it’s about making a statement. When I became tired of my hair looking like a big bag of straw because of the excessive use of chemicals, I too decided to make a statement and take it all off. In Britney’s case, her statement may have been that she was tired of living up to everyone’s impossible expectations.
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