Make Way for The Budget Fashionista’s New and Revamped Facebook Page


With Facebook‘s “It-may-have-been-overpriced-and-overvalued-but-its-still-the-most-talked-about-stock” IPO and its recent acquisition of Instagram for a crazy amount of money normal folks will never know, there’s no question that Facebook persists to remain on top of the social world. With all the recent buzz, it only made sense to revisit The Budget Fashionista’s Facebook, and while it may not be as newsworthy as Mark Z’s surprise nuptials to longtime sweetie P. Chan, we’ve got some exciting news too! We’re proud to introduce our new Budget Fashionista Facebook page. And why yes, we do have a fancy cover photo!

So, here’s the lowdown on our new Facebook. You’ll find links to all our most recent articles, but wait, it’s so much more than that! You’ll find photos, the latest fashion/celebrity gossip, our favorite links from around the web, and more fun things. So, definitely “like” our page! ANNNNNNND we’re linking to it once more for extra emphasis: The Budget Fashionista Facebook!

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