Repost: Cyber Monday Shopping Tips For Those Who Hate Black Friday

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At TBF we’re not really Black Friday girls (we like our beauty sleep) but Cyber Monday? Totally our speed (and not just because we can do it in our jammies). Shopping from home is one of our 10 favorite things in life, but as with all of life’s pleasures there is risk. Protect yourself (and your bottom line) by following a few simple tips to make the most of your Cyber Monday shopping experience. Here’s the breakdown:

Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

1. Know what you want (and make a list). Consider this: it’s easy to get overwhelmed in a department store, so shopping online with an endless supply of stores to visit? Same problem, times 100. As with any other shopping trip (at least the kind where you want to make the most of your time AND stay on a budget), create a shopping list and stick to it. And if you might be tempted to extend your shopping trip by tapping extra room on your credit cards (beyond the amount you pre-determined), make sure your cards are unavailable to you during your time online.

2. Be a price checker. One of the benefits of shopping online is you can easily compare prices (especially with sites like, so do your homework and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.. The one thing better than finding exactly what you want is finding what you want for less. Nice.

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