Taylor Swift Sundresses at Wal-Mart

Teen star Taylor Swift is launching an upcoming line of colorful, cotton sundresses with discount retailer Wal-Mart. Swift acknowledges she’s no designer, but wants to expand her personal brand nonetheless, states: “In these hard times, making expensive dresses just doesn’t make any sense.”. The line features three dress styles — two tie-back and one tiered, all for less than $15. The line is set to hit Wal-Mart February 1st and March 1st.

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  1. Target-Addict says

    Did you mean “teen star”?  Nice typo.  Anyhow, here’s just another example of a celebrity who doesn’t know diddly about fashion trying to start her own clothing line.

  2. TayLover says

    She knows alot about fashion.
    She is a very kind-hearted person!
    Of course she would supervise her own fashion line!

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